September 22, 2023
chatgpt replaces google

There has been a lot of news going around about how powerful the ChatGPT software is and many people are asking will ChatGPT replace Google? It’s at this time a pretty difficult question to answer as the chatbot is just going into the market and it’s not fully live yet. Plus the founders OpenAI haven’t disclosed fully their plans for it.

But to better understand the possibility of the replacement, let’s first understand what these two powerful engines are capable of doing and how one is going to subdue the other.

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Will ChatGPT Replace Google
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ChatGPT was released on 30 November 2022 and has since been making a lot of noise. Users have been generating anything that is text; from code to workout plans to essays.

This noise made people to start asking themselves: “Will this technology replace Google?”

In my opinion, the chatbot is astounding but here are the reasons why this software or technology wont be able to replace Google.

  • Google has over twenty years of search experience and has positioned itself in the market of large tech companies. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps, and other Google services are frequently used.
  • And as of this moment of posting, ChatGPT is not designed to carryout internet search. Most GPT models can do that, but OpenAI purposely restricted this model. So if this gets uplifted in the future it can be an added advantage.
  • ChatGPT is a large language model which makes it a centralized component of the search engine. When you search for a particular information and the AI has enough confidence in the answer, it will appear clearly at the top of the results page. This is achievable because it employs the BERT language model.
  • Google controls 91.9% of the search engine market. And when it comes to finance, ChatGPT founders – OpenAI, do not have what it takes to outride the dominance Google has in the market.
  • As of now it is highly impossible to build a business around ChatGPT as we do around Google but maybe in this future this will change but as of now, Google has this over the chatbot.

So these are the highlighted reasons why ChatGPT can not take over or replace Google. Let us know you opinion in the comments.

ChatGPT Limitations

  • One of ChatGPT limitations which is significant is that the output quality is dependent on the input quality. In other words, professional instructions (prompts) provide better results.
  • The chatbot is particularly trained not to respond in a nasty or hurting manner. As a result, it will avoid answering such queries.
  • Another limitation is that, because it has been trained to deliver responses that feel appropriate to humans, the replies may deceive humans into believing that the output is correct. Many users observed that the chatbot can give inaccurate replies, some of which are completely wrong.


The possibility that a question-and-answer chatbot would one day replace Google is terrifying to people who work in search marketing.

It caused a debate in an online search marketing circles such as the prominent Facebook SEOSignals Lab, where someone wondered if searches will shift away from search engines and toward chatbots.

After using ChatGPT, one can say that the concern of search being replaced by a chatbot is not baseless. Although the technology has a long way to go, it is possible to imagine a hybrid search and chatbot future for search.

However, the present ChatGPT implementation appears to be a tool that, at some time, will need the purchasing to operate.

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