October 4, 2023
things to consider when buying VR headsets
VR performance is very important when it comes to gaming, but it may also have an influence on your health.

As the world of virtual reality is just developing everyday, it’s best to know the things to consider or look out for when buying VR headsets as there will always be new and better ones. To determine which VR headset is right for you, keep these key things in mind:


Tertiary factor to consider when buying a VR headset

The best VR headset is one that you can actually use. If you already have a powerful gaming PC or are prepared to invest significant money to buy or build one and you have extra room in your home for room-scale VR, get a Steam VR headset, which will provide the greatest overall experience.

If you want to play on a stand-alone system without a PC, even if it means compromising graphics quality, or if you want a flexible setup that allows you to do so, buy the Oculus Quest 2.

VR Games

Secondary factor to consider when buying a VR headset

Another important consideration is if you wish to play any exclusive VR game. Buying the wonderful PSVR will get you access to a wide range of amazing unique PSVR games, but it will not allow you to play Half-Life: Alyx.

Also, investing in the PSVR implies you will be relying on Sony to release more VR games and support it.

Resolution & Refresh Rate

Primary factor to consider when buying a VR headset

Performance is very important when it comes to gaming, but it may also have an influence on your health.

While low resolutions can cause the “screen door effect,” which makes things appear worse, they can also cause eye strain and even motion sickness.

While they are most common at refresh rates less than 90Hz, your mileage may vary. The 72Hz Oculus Quest is more than smooth enough in my opinion.

Another thing to consider is that resolution isn’t everything. Some can appear to have higher resolutions but end up having poor graphics.

Stationary or Room-Scale

The room-scale VR experience is the most immersive. The ability to move freely (referred to as “six degrees of freedom”), jump, crouch, and move about allows you to completely experience the magic of VR. Realistically, not everyone has the space or the capability to participate.

things to consider or look out for when buying VR headsets

If you have limited freedom or don’t have enough space in your house, Oculus Go, the smartphone-based Samsung Gear VR, or Google Daydream View are better options.

Tracking System

The tracking system, like the difference between Station or Room-Scale, is very essential and will impact how your headset feels to use.

The majority of VR headsets use inside-out tracking, which means that the headset follows your movements using cameras and sensors built into the headset.

This eliminates the need to install external cameras around your space, but it also reduces accuracy. Example; Oculus Quest.

Choose a headset with external tracking if you want the best experience and have more room space.

Wired or Wireless

This is really not a consideration in buying A VR headset. Because the early VR headsets featured wires, but more and more wireless choices have become available recently. This, like many of the other options on this list, boils down to “freedom” vs “performance.”

While wireless sets mean you won’t trip over by a cable, having wired won’t be that obstructive once you get used to them.

VR holds a lot of promise, and not only in the gaming industry. As time passes, you may be able to attend concerts featuring all of your favorite artists, travel to other planets in our solar system, and lots more just from the comfort of your own home.

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