March 31, 2023
virtual reality headset that kills

Virtual Reality Headset That Can Kill You

Oculus VR, the virtual reality headset that literally kills when a player dies in a game.

You’re probably wondering ‘who’s crazy enough to come up with a VR that kills a player when it’s GAME OVER?’.

Maybe it’s Mark Zuckerberg who is fully losing his mind to his pursuit of the metaverse. No not him.

It’s Palmer Luckey, the actual founder of Oculus VR who sold his company to Facebook.

While he has had no involvement in Zuckerberg’s failing metaverse aspirations recently,

that doesn’t mean he isn’t still up to something crazy.

Palmer Luckey has now created a special VR headset that, according to him,

will kill a player if they die in a video game. As in, literally. It will take your life.

Luckey describes the headset on his blog as a Sword Art Online-style “you die in the game, you die in real life” headset.

Players in that series are locked in a massive, realistic VR battle sim where if they die in the game, it would kill them for real since they are connected into “NerveGear” tech.

The players must find out how to win or escape. Luckey’s take on this idea is a VR headset loaded with charges that would explode

“killing the user’s brain” if they trigger an “appropriate game over” screen.

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