October 4, 2023
how can i tell if my wife is cheating on me

Want to know the signs of a cheating wife? I’m sorry to say but if your guts lead you to want to find answers to this question, chances are that your wife is already cheating on you.

Infidelity has been at its highest pick from the introduction of social media, as it has bridged a lot of gaps and make meeting new people a thing that happens within seconds. So now you’re not just concern about her friends at work but those in her phone.

Cheating is a ground breaking factor in marriages and wives that cheat show off different signs that we will be discussing soon. Just make sure you’re playing all your roles as a good and supporting husband, then everything will fall in place.

signs of a cheating wife

What are the Signs of a Cheating Wife

If you feel deep down in your heart that your wife is messing around then it could be true. Here are the signs wife is cheating on you and probably right under your nose.

Sudden Change of Behavior

When your wife’s attitude suddenly changes and it can’t be explained, it’s out of the ordinary, you should suspect she’s sleeping around. Because at that point your values has reduced to her and she no longer takes you to be that important.

Just be cautious since your instincts can be frequently right. Pay attention to how she acts, and if she changes her language and use of words when talking to you, shuts you off, or stops engaging with you as she usually does, then she may be cheating.

Protective over Her Phone

If there’s a sudden password lock on her phone or constant change of phone password with no valid reasons, or if she is just extra careful with her phone and grabs it before you can look at it, it’s a solid indicator she has something going on that she doesn’t want you to know about. And for someone you’re married to it’s never something good.

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Social Media Addiction

With the presence of social media, it’s very easy these days to hide behind a computer or phone screen and find the courage to develop virtual connections that interfere with the actual thing. Some women begin experimenting with online dating services and then suddenly see the guy of their dreams, or so they believe, and they try to meet with them face to face.

Social Media Addiction

So if your wife spends a lot of time on her social media platforms posting hot pictures of herself constantly and not feeding you in, it’s safe to assume she’s playing you.

Sudden Change in Sex Pattern

We all agree that there are times when women just don’t have it in them – the feeling for sex and that’s usually when they are not feeling too well or when they are having their monthly visitor (menstruating).

But however, if you notice your sex pattern has changed for no apparent reason and you haven’t had it in like over a month, you should consider something fishy is going on. This fact is a clear indicator cheating might be real as long as you haven’t done anything to irritate her and she’s holding back on the sex. Why would she want to have intimacy with you – her spouse when she’s having it with her lover?

Distancing Effect

Wives that cheat tend to get distant from their relationships. If your wife develops a distant, yet aggressive, approach toward you and her usual habits begin to change, you should consider the possibility that she is sleeping around.

wives that cheat

If she seems annoyed with you all the time at little things that don’t matter so much and barely looks at you even during conversations, it’s a sure clue she’s working her magic on the outside. She doesn’t need you anymore since she appears to have found what she’s looking for in the arms of another man.

These are the key signs wife is cheating on you and most times when women cheat it’s because their spouse isn’t treating them like they used to or well enough. If you’re interested in sparking up and rekindling the love between you and your wife read these books; Seduction Secrets For Men and Her Secret Desires.

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How can I tell if my wife is cheating?

When your wife starts cheating on you, there are many sudden changes that take place which you may easily notice.
– First is the way she responds to you during conversations, at this point she could be more aggressive and irritated.
– She starts distancing you, talking to you less and reducing or even stopping intimacy.
– She tends to spend more time on her phone and computer and tends to be over protective over them.
If she does these three key things, she has drifted from you.

My wife is cheating what should I do?

If you have clear evidence that your wife is cheating, the best thing to do is to file for a divorce because even if she cries and pleads and pledges that she wouldn’t do it again, she’s just going to find a better method to make sure she doesn’t get caught again. But if you both have kids together I’ll suggest you let her in until the kids are well grown and matured to run their own lives. If she appears to still be diligent and loyal at that time, you can continue with her. These days it’s rare to find one who doesn’t cheat so if she’s showing concern and doing all things right, keep her.

Can cheating wife be trusted?

A cheating wife can never be trusted even when she has promised or vowed never to do it again because if placed in the same situation, she would find a better way to commit the same crime and avoid getting caught.

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