October 4, 2023
bitcoins & cryptocurrencies 2023
With that in mind, we've produced a list of some of the most popular events for 2023 that you should include on your crypto events calendar.

The Bitcoins sector has suffered immensely this few previous years, we’re hoping these major events coming 2023 saves it.

As of late, Crypto industry and the rest of the financial markets has seen a recent decline, but the excitement around it is far from over. In fact, it is still on the rise, showing the increasing number of events aimed at the booming industry.

Nevertheless, let’s admit it, whether you’re a Bitcoins enthusiast, a knowledgeable investor, a blockchain expert, or someone new to the investment market, keeping up with all the events, conferences, and summits is getting more difficult.

With that in mind, we’ve produced a list of some of the most popular events for 2023 that you should include on your crypto events calendar.

In this list:

Top crypto events in Europe in 2023

  • Blockchain Economy London Summit
  • NFT Show Europe
  • Blockchain Expo Europe
  • European Blockchain Convention

Top crypto events in Asia in 2023

  • Traders Fair Thailand
  • Token2049 Singapore
  • Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

Top crypto events in North America in 2023

  • Blockchain Expo, North America
  • ETH Denver
  • Bitcoins 2023

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Top crypto events in Europe in 2023

Blockchain Economy London Summit

The sixth edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will take place on February 27, 2023, in London, the world’s financial center.

Some of the world’s leading blockchain entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency organizations will travel to the city for the two-day conference to participate in a variety of activities exploring the possibilities of blockchain, digital assets, web3, NFTs, the metaverse and more.

Among the notable speakers scheduled to be at the event are:

  • Dr. Lisa Cameron, U.K., Member of Parliament, Chair of the Crypto and Digital Asset APPG
  • Lex Sokolin, Head Economist at ConsenSys
  • Ilyas Vali, Co-Founder of rLoop
  • Ben Armstrong, Founder of BitBoy Crypto
  • Delphine Forma, Senior Compliance Manager at BitMEX
  • Daniel Antcliff, Head of Strategic Partnership at Gate.io

When: Feb. 27–28, 2023

Where: 11 Ordnance Crescent, London SE10 0JH

Website: www.blockchaineconomy.london

NFT Show Europe

The NFT Show Europe is a serious candidate for the title of “Europe’s largest crypto art and blockchain event.” Ignoring the fact that it is the premiere edition of the event, which took place only a few months ago.

However, it was a huge success with participants and guests, raising the bar even higher for the administrators as the event sets to return next summer.

The event provides a forum for artists, entrepreneurs, digital art collectors, and the larger bitcoins community to discuss NFTs, metaverse, blockchain, and practically anything crypto.

Art displays were one of the main draws of the premiere edition, showcasing a variety of art styles such as augmented reality and digital collectibles.

In addition to the speeches, discussions, gatherings and side events, there were large galleries of interactive and glitch art.

The list of potential speakers is growing and, as of press time, includes prominent industry heavyweights like:

  • Hide Uehara (Square Fenix)
  • Sam Hamilton (Decentraland)
  • Irina Karagyaur (Polkadot)
  • Laurent Perello (Tron Dao)
  • Doru Borsan (Neotech.Finance)
  • Meta Mori (first Bored Ape VTuber)
  • David Moreno (W3ST)

When: July 14–15, 2023

Where: Valencia, Spain

Website: www.nftshoweurope.com 

Blockchain Expo Europe

The European phase of the Blockchain Expo will take effect in September of next year as a live and digital event. The exhibition, like in previous years, will bring together significant industries from across the world in six co-located events.

These would be IoT, AI and big data, cybersecurity and cloud, edge computing, and digital transformation.

Based on previous attendance figures, the organizers anticipate a crowd of approximately 7,000 people. There will also be lots of solution-based case studies, live demos, and networking opportunities, as well as additional high-level content.

The speakers for the 2023 edition are yet to be determined.

When: Sept. 26–27, 2023

Where: RAI, Amsterdam and online

Website: www.blockchain-expo.com/europe

European Blockchain Convention

Over 3,000 people are expected to attend this three-day event, which will include startup founders, developers, investors, and corporate barons.

Keynotes, panel discussions, spirited debates, workshops, and fireside chats on the present status of the blockchain and crypto business, as well as the challenges that lie ahead in the coming days, will be part of the action-packed event.

Among the speakers are (among others):

  • Dotun Rominiyi, Director of Emerging Technology at London Stock Exchange    
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO at AAVE     
  • Matus Steis, Token Design at Lead Outlier Ventures    
  • Dr. Thomas Nägele, Managing Partner at NÄGELE Attorneys at Law
  • Tim Grant, Head of EMEA Galaxy Digital 
  • Marc Schaumburg, Executive Producer at Sony Pictures Entertainment

When: Feb 15–17, 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.eblockchainconvention.com

Top crypto events in Asia in 2023

Traders Fair Thailand

While Traders Fair is not a bitcoins-only event, it is progressively presenting blockchain and crypto-focused material.

The Fair began in 2018 as a collection of Asian financial gatherings and has since grown internationally. Entrepreneurs, corporations, banks, senior government officials, and innovators, among others, engage in an interactive sequence of instructional and networking activities.

Traders Fair Thailand presents over 30 events and over 500 speakers in total. The following speakers have been confirmed for the 2023 edition:

  • Phitsanukhom Chaiyavet, Founder of Thai Forex Elite
  • Krisharlan Testhong, Founder of Mixer “the future of investing“
  • Warunyuu Samana, Founder of TW INFINITY TRADE CO., LTD
  • Tipok Terasopon, Founder of Forex Risk Way
  • Smithi Charoenmin, Founder Nayarm Trader; Project Manager Hashpay co. Ltd
  • Kuekul Srisirivilai, Guru Forex — Option Trading
  • Utis Jamnongsatr, Founder of FX Trade Review

When: Feb. 25, 2023

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Website: www.tradersfair.com/thailand

Token2049 Singapore

Mark your calendar for September 2023 as the Asian edition of the global top crypto event Token2049 prepares to return.

The event acts as a gathering place for crypto pioneers, developers, investors, thought leaders, and other industry players to interact, debate, and discuss major issues affecting the crypto industry as a whole.

Workshops, meetings, contests, networking events, and other activities will be scheduled during the two-day event.

The speaker list for the 2022 event included several prominent names, including Binance Head of Investment Bill Qian, Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, and Tezos Co-founder Kathleen Breitman, among others.

Speakers for the 2023 edition are yet to be determined.

When: Mid-Sep., 2023

Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Website: www.asia.token2049.com

Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

The Blockchain Economy Summit bills itself as the “global blockchain conference network.” Its objective is to bring professionals and significant stakeholders in the crypto sector together to debate, explore, and rethink the future of finance and financial technology.

The event’s seventh edition will be held in Dubai in March 2023, and it is expected to draw the world’s greatest crypto corporations and blockchain entrepreneurs.

Among the major speakers for the Blockchain Economy Summit 2023 are:

  • Ramia Farrage MC, Senior Producer and Presenter, Forbes
  • Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC
  • Vas Modinos, Services Solution Lead at Microsoft. CEO and Founder of Blockready
  • Sumit Ghosh, CEO and Founder of Chingari
  • Ivan Liljeqvist, Founder of Moralis, Entrepreneur and Software Developer
  • Benjamin Bilski, German Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of NAGA, Forbes 30 Under 30

When: March 8–9, 2023

Where: Dubai, UAE

Website: www.beconomydubai.com

Top crypto events in North America in 2023

Blockchain Expo, North America

The event is projected to draw over 5,000 people, including CTOs, heads of innovation and technology, IT directors, telecom companies, and developers.

There is a high-profile speaker program with 250 industry leaders sharing their experience and ideas. Solo presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats, networking events, and other activities are planned for the event.

The speaker list for the future edition has not yet been finalized. You may, however, look at the 2022 speakers to get a sense of what to expect.

When: May 17–18, 2023

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, California

Website: www.blockchain-expo.com/northamerica

ETH Denver

While the major event will begin on March 2, the smaller events will begin considerably sooner. BuildlWeek, the crypto and blockchain education component of the larger event, will take place from February 24 to March 1.

It is free and accessible to the public, including tech demos, panel talks, and workshops aimed at empowering and educating attendees.

The major event will start on March 2 and will involve the largest global #BUIDLathon (or hackathon) aimed at the Ethereum ecosystem (among other activities).

Following the #BUIDLathon, the third leg will begin with a mountain resort from March 6-9.

When: March 2–5, 2023

Where: Denver, Colorado

Website: www.ethdenver.com

Bitcoin 2023

Next May, Bitcoin 2023 will make a reappearance on Miami Beach. As in previous years, the event will honor the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency with a massive gathering of “bitcoiners” across three days of educational material, talks, and seminars, among other events.

Some of the most well-known names who have already been announced as speakers include:

  • Michael Saylor (Chairman & CEO at MicroStrategy)
  • Lyn Alden (Financial Analyst)
  • Stacy Herbert (Partner at El Zontle Capital)
  • Zoltan Pozsar (Managing Director at Credit Suisse)
  • Alex Gladstein (CTO at Human Rights Foundation)
  • OBI Nwosu (CEO at Fedi)

When: May 18–20, 2023

Where: Miami Beach, Florida

Website: www.b.tc/conference/bitcoin2023

Check your calendar now.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your 2023 bitcoins events now. However, considering the sheer volume of crypto events taking place throughout the world, this list is far from thorough. However, we vow to keep it updated as additional events confirm their dates and other details.

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