September 22, 2023
how to recover baned account

Solution to “This Phone Number is Banned” on Telegram

Was your Telegram phone number banned for no reason at all? Well that has happened to a lot of Telegram users including me. I will use this article to teach you how to recover a banned Telegram account and how you too can recover your own banned telegram account and get back to business as usual.

I had my channel running on telegram where I like to drop some post from time to time whenever I had the chance or I remember to. Then on this good day that I happened to remember posting something, I couldn’t log in. I restarted the app and retyped my phone number and this breathe sucking notification popped up with Telegram showing this phone number is banned.

telegram banned phone number recovery

I wasn’t sure how to feel because my first Channel with the same name was already existing and I couldn’t access it because the phone number was lost and wasn’t retrievable and now this?! I have the number and still can’t access my Telegram channel, what have I done wrong to telegram?

I also tried to access it through my phone and the same things shows on the screen ” This phone number is banned”. Now I started feeling angry and very very pissed because I know I didn’t do anything wrong to get a ban. So What did I do next?

Looking at the image above, in the sad news popup there are only two options of what to do next, “Help” and “OK”. At that rage I could just click OK, to hell with Telegram! But I tried the help because my channel meant much to me. So I clicked the help option and it took me directly to Email which on the phone was my Gmail.

This popup of course looks different on Telegram X and so is its Telegram account recovery options, over there it says contact us. I’m really not sure what Telegram X is for, if you do let us know in the comments.

this phone number is banned telegram x

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Ways to recover your Telegram Banned phone number

When you click on the help option it takes you to your laptop Email and possibly give you other options to use Gmail. Whichever one you select works perfectly. On the popped menu is an automated message describing your situation.

This is how it looks on desktop.

how to recover a banned telegram account

And this is how it looks on mobile smartphone.

this phone number is banned fix for telegram

You can decide to edit the automated message or just send it like that. But I recommend you edit it with a little bit of explanation about your telegram banned phone number to show how important it is to you. When you send the mail, you should get a response within 24hrs. Others got their response and accounts recovered with 12-18hrs.

To lighten up the situation, “[email protected]” is just one of the emails you can use to contact them about your banned account. There are also other methods to reach and tell them about your banned account.

Other Banned Telegram Account Recovery Steps

Another method you want to apply to fix this phone number is banned Telegram message if the emailing doesn’t work is to send Telegram a direct message on Twitter. Yes Telegram is a big fan of Twitter, they are always online learning and improving. You can send them a direct message using this link – and make sure to explain yourself properly while leaving the banned number too in the message.

If that still doesn’t get any response, you can send the same explanations to these emails too as they help in resolving the same issues.

So these are all the various solution to a banned Telegram phone number, let us know in the comments which one worked for you and how fast the fix was.

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