March 31, 2023
how to make a guy miss you

Have you just broken up with your boyfriend or you guys just went through a fight and you’re looking for ways to make him miss you after the misunderstanding? You’re at the right spot – because in this post we’ll be showing you tips on how to make him miss you and want you back like crazy after a fight or misunderstanding or whatever it is.

One thing you should have in mind is that there are no relationships that exist without fights and misunderstanding but how you respond to those fights and misunderstandings determine how long the relationship would last.

If both teams decide they’re no longer interested, it’s easy for the relationship to end but if one side still wants it then it’s really going to be hard for the team that still wants the relationship.

signs that a guy likes you

If you find yourself to be in the team that still wants the relationship to move on, we’re here to make it easy for you with tips on how to make him want you and keep calling for you to come back.

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how to make him miss you and want you

How To Make Him Miss You After A Fight

We’re dropping some proven tips that are guaranteed to work for you and make a guy crazy about you, use them to learn how to make him miss you like crazy and want you more even after a misunderstanding.

Let the guy some space

It’s true that being less present in someone’s space tends to make them miss you but that only works very well on how you make them feel when you’re in their space. As much as men love to have their alone time to think and recharge, you can make yourself all they think about at this time and that’s where you become powerful. “His Secret Obsession” is a book that has been know to make women achieve this power by letting women know what men are secretly obsessed with and how to use that to their advantage.

Be Unique

Being unique comes in different ways. It is one of the things that will make a guy miss you like crazy, starting from how you talk to him, how you dress, how you smell even how you have sex with him. those are some of the simple things that sticks to a guys memories whenever you come to mind. So try to be unique in these areas and see him crawling back.

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Make Him Want More

One of the proven ways on how to make him miss you and commit is to always make him want more of you. You can easily achieve this by not responding to his calls or messages to quickly and being absent from time to time. Its simply playing hard to get while still being generous. This will keep him on his toes wondering what’s cooking or what you’re really up to.

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Leave Your Stuffs Behind on Purpose

how to make him miss you and want you back

If other tips should fail, this one wouldn’t. Because leaving your things behind at his house or in his car will definitely make him think about you the moment he sees them. things like your pictures, clothes, earring or something that both of you loved to use together, now if you played your role real well before the fight, this memories will have him missing you and who knows, you might just get a call which will strike things back.

Don’t Rush Things

If you realize that your boyfriend is trying to rush things, slow him down. Give him more time to get to know and uncover you. Allowing him to take his time will allow him to gradually uncover and understand all your true qualities. This will keep him on his toes, making him miss you and wanting to see you more frequently so he can learn more.

Hope these tips were helpful? If you want more tips on how to make a guy miss you, don’t forget to checkout the recommended books in the post. Enjoy!

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