October 4, 2023
why should we hire you

Here’s how to answer “why should we hire you” job interview question that interviewers tend to always ask in job interviews. So you’re invited for a Job interview and it comes to your mind that maybe this kind of question might popup at the interview where the interviewer gets to ask you more job interview questions like; what make you unique or why should I hire you. These questions are sometimes mind shattering because it’s an open-minded question and if one doesn’t think fast and well, you can just end up saying what’s not required.

So to save you from that awful scenario, we’ve come up with this post to give you the correct why should we hire you answers that will leave a bright smile on the face of the interviewer and secure you that job or project. Here’s how to get a job by giving the best why should we hire you answer.

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You

Before heading out for an interview you should first asked yourself questions like why do you apply for this job, what can you bring to the company and why should they consider hiring you, because that way your brain begins to give you several responses and helps you with answers before time. When asked this question at an interview, the first thing you want to be talking about are your abilities – ability to work under pressure, ability to work with a team, tell them what make you unique from other candidates like your skills and experience in the field.

what makes you ideal for this job

Other things you want to be talking about is how those skills and experience you’ve got can help move the company or organization forward while expressing your enthusiasm for the offered post and how dedicated you’ll be once it is offered to you. These answers will definitely spark excitements in the head of the interviewer and also make sure to be honest about everything you’re going to say so you don’t fall behind expectations and then end up getting fired.

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It’s important to note that interviewers can rephrase this question “why should we hire you? sometimes into other forms like;

why are you qualified for this job
  • What makes you think you’re the best fit for this job?
  • Why are you a good candidate for this position?
  • Why should we offer you this position?
  • Can you explain why you are the best applicant for this job?
  • Why should we hire you over other candidates or applicants?
  • What makes you ideal for this position or job?
  • Why are you qualified for this job?

Whenever you hear any of these questions in an interview just know its the same content in a different container. So I’m going to drop a why should we hire you sample answer so you can choose the best answer to give in response.

Lets say the company wants to hire a blog manager and now you’re asked what makes you ideal for this position?

Here’s a bad answer

I’m an ideal option for this position because I’m good at blog managing and if I’m given this job I’ll do my best to make it work.

Here’s an example of a good answer

I’m an ideal option for this position because I’m very good at creating engaging contents and at my last job, I was able to increase the blog page visitors by 23% and post engagement by 16% within a space of 2 months using the same provided resources.

One thing you should always understand is that no matter your experience in a field, if there are no mentions of past success stories resulting in higher numbers, you wouldn’t be taken too seriously especially when it’s a very competitive job space. Let your answers be correct by making sure the experience and skills you’re talking about relate to the position you’re applying for.

why should we hire you answers

Why do interviewers ask why should we hire you?

When interviewers ask you why should we hire you? or what makes you unique for this job, they’re just trying to understand how well you know yourself, what makes you the right choice for the company and how your uniqueness can help move the company forward.
The best thing to do at this point is to portray yourself as an expert and let them know why you are the best option for the position by focusing your answers on your experience, skills, achievements, qualifications and your passion to use all of that to boost the company’s growth.

Why do we hire you best answer?

If you want to be in the best mind state to answer this question, ask yourself “why should they hire me” now your mind will be more opened up. It’s always best to answer this question explaining exactly how you will be helping the company achieve its set goals.
For Example:
Interviewer – Why do we hire you?
Best Answer – Because I have gained so much experience as a blog manager and have help several companies achieve 25% increase in product sales with my articles and writes ups within a short time and if given this job, I will replicate that same legacy here.

With all that done and a good practice of all the tips covered here in this post, you should be closer to nailing the job interview and getting your dream job position.

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