October 4, 2023
control 2

Will There be a Control 2 Game?

To answer the question ‘ if there will be a control 2 game release for PS5, Xbox and PC?”

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games has revealed that Control 2 will be coming soon and it will be co-developed and co-published.

They have announced also officially revealed what “Codename Heron” is after months of speculation, and it’s very, very good news.

Over three years after the publication of the totally magnificent Control,

the cooperation has given the assurance that there will be a Control 2 game release.

There is no release date or even an anticipated release year because the project is still in the idea stage.

Given the complexities of the original material, you’d be understood for thinking if we’ll have to wait another three years.

Still, Control 2 will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on release.

It will also make use of Remedy’s Northlight engine, which was utilized to create its predecessor and also Quantum Break.

Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy said, “The bigger budget Control game, also known as Codename Heron, is Control 2, a full blown sequel to our award-winning game Control,”

The Galante brothers, the co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group and 505 Games also contributed saying

“Control is the biggest investment 505 Games has ever made, so it has a special place in our hearts.

We are grateful to the whole player community that has made Control such a long-lasting and loved game,

and are even more excited to bring out Control 2.”

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Will There be a Control 2 Game

The starting development budget for Control 2 has been revealed as €50 million, with Remedy keeping intellectual property rights,

while development, marketing, post-launch investments, and future net earnings would be divided evenly between Remedy and 505 Games.

So far, a single concept art work is just the only thing to display for that budget.

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