October 4, 2023
how to make money with bitcoins 2023
If you stock Crypto, you may choose to trade, receive passive interest, or do stuffs to accumulate more Bitcoins.

This article will show you how to make money with Bitcoin in 2023. We have explain various proven ways that contain a wide range of ideas.

Although the Bitcoins market had a massive hit in 2022, investors continue to be interested in the asset. Because there’s the possibility for Bitcoin to bounce back in 2023, and with more countries recognizing Cryptocurrency, it still has some investment potential.

Bitcoins price struggling

Bitcoins price definitely shows that investing in Bitcoin may well be worthwhile, which leads to the question, how can you be among those who profit from Cryptocurrency?

For the ordinary Joe, becoming engaged in Bitcoins may be as simple as purchasing and holding. However, there are other additional methods to profit from Bitcoin. Here are a few examples.

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Proven Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2023

earning interest on bitcoins

There are various ways to make money with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You can make money with Crypto by stock piling it. If you stock Crypto, you may choose to trade, receive passive interest, or do stuffs to accumulate more Bitcoins. Let’s look into each of these possibilities.

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BTC Trading

Crypto trading involves the habit of Buying low and selling high, which is done repeatedly. If this describes you, you may then be a trader. Bitcoin trading is just the opposite of the usual buying and holding strategy.

Methods you can use to Profit with BTC Trading

Day trading

One of the most popular and profitable ways of making money with Cryptocurrencies is Day trading as all it involves is entering and leaving the crypto market repeatedly daily.

It provides chances for making money in the shortest period of time. Rather than buying and piling coins for long, you may profit from the market in a short time.

Swing trading

Swing trading refers to a trading method in which investors hold coins for a short to medium period of time. The idea is that the cryptocurrency market moves in waves.

Prices will rise for a short period of time and then fall again. This is a fantastic strategy for traders to profit from the swings.


Arbitrage is the rapid buy and sell of the same or similar crypto asset on two different exchanges at favorably different rates.

This is an excellent way to profit from cryptocurrency and earn money using bitcoin.

Earn interest on Holdings

Opening a savings account with a reliable crypto savings platform is the most popular way to receive rewards on your bitcoin holdings.

Wrapped BTC (WBTC) has emerged as a dominant tokenized bitcoin asset, with a market cap of over $5 billion.

WBTC is ultimately an ERC-20 token housed on the Ethereum network that is tied to the price of bitcoin.

You may use it with Ethereum’s smart contracts to earn interest on WBTC without the need for a trustee.


This is comparable to staking. BTC lending is the practice of investors lending their bitcoin to borrowers in exchange for interest.

You may receive a loan and repay it over time, just like a mortgage or any other traditional loan, by putting your crypto assets as security. Lenders are subject to the same rules. You may make money by lending money to borrowers.

Borrow and lend your tokenized coins or build a crypto savings account using Aave, BlockFi, Compound, MakerDAO, Binance, and other platforms.

Yield farming

Yield farming is the practice of lending your crypto assets on a platform in exchange for interest in the form of a token. This is a typical DeFi strategy, and in the case of BTC, you must first convert the token into WBTC.

Most popular yield farming systems, such as Balancer and Compound, feature a WBTC pair, and yields change according to market situations. Look at these sites and pick a pool that appeals to you.

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Some cryptocurrencies cannot be staked. Making money this way is only possible for cryptocurrencies that employ the “proof-of-stake” consensus method. BTC, being a proof-of-work network, is one of many that cannot be staked.

WBTC, on the other hand, can be staked, thus you can convert your BTC to WBTC and stake it across several sites.

Earnings will fluctuate dramatically depending on BTC market events. Most platforms, such as Binance, support WBTC staking, so do a fast web search to find one that suits you.

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