September 22, 2023
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Best Meta Quest 2 Games

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best VR games to play on Oculus Quest 2 now known as Meta Quest 2. A range of genres will be covered, starting from action-adventure to puzzle and horror VR games, so no matter what kind of game you’re looking for, there will be something here for you.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the latest virtual reality (VR) headset from Oculus. It offers a wide range of VR games, allowing you to experience immersive VR gaming in the comfort of your own home. With its high resolution display and powerful processor, the Oculus Quest 2 provides an excellent platform for playing some of the best VR games out there.

It is the greatest stand-alone VR headset for the money, starting at $299. It’s ushered in a revolution in interactive entertainment with its elegant but comfy appearance, clever controllers, visually amazing specifications, and vast library.

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What are the Best VR Games to Play on Oculus Quest 2

Most of the VR games on this list are compatible with all the Quest headsets ( Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro). So lets dive into the best VR games quest 2 has to offer.

Pistol Whip

best vr games to play on oculus quest 2

Pistol Whip is a one-of-a-kind on-rails shooter inspired by gun-heavy action flicks like “The Matrix” and “Equilibrium.” The game employs a stylised polygonal style that must be seen to be believed. While they avoid bullets, players fire through 28 different scenarios to the beat of its high-energy music. Aside from being an extremely insane experience, there’s also a good exercise to be obtained here. There’s also some reasonable replay value because of the numerous gameplay tweaks and weapon types that can be acquired during gaming.

Superhot VR

best vr games for oculus quest 2

Superhot VR happens to be one of the oldest VR games on Oculus 2 for this list, but even after four years, it remains one of the greatest instances of how VR can provide us with whole new gaming experiences. Time moves only when you do in this cinematic shooter. Sitting motionless causes the world around you to freeze, while moving your body causes everything to jump back to life. It’s like having your own Matrix simulator.

What makes the game so popular is its approachable design, which immediately takes up a professional tackiness found nowhere else in VR. From last-second pistol grabs to well-placed knife tosses, the game’s action consistently provides incredible joy.

Even though Superhot VR is old, it’s still one of the best Meta Quest 2 games accessible.


best vr games to play on oculus quest 2

Many VR experiences make sense to be in first person – after all, you’re wearing a headset on your head – but a number of games, such as Moss, defy this with astonishing results. You control a mouse named Quill in this colorful adventure, moving her about, solving puzzles, and engaging in combat against threats across woods and caverns. The twist here is the camera perspective, which is top-down, yet the movement is managed entirely by where you’re viewing.

In this universe, Moss frequently feels like a heavenly pointer, opening a living book and walking through page after page, guiding the player through its pages. The most intriguing aspect is how the game uses this indirect playfulness – the mouse is constantly aware of your presence, which provides for some of the most emotional and charming moments of an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Arizona Sunshine

best vr games to play on meta quest 2

Arizona Sunshine is a brief yet action-packed survival horror shooter with an unique sense of humor. The game’s more than 25 weapons feel amazing, and the interaction is excellent. Most significantly, the multiplayer options are quite appealing. Not only can you play the whole narrative in co-op mode with friends, but there’s also a frenzy mode for up to four players. Despite the fact that it was launched in 2016, the game’s vivid visual style remains appealing, despite some outdated visuals.


best meta quest 2 games

What’s the purpose of buying a VR headset if you’re not going to feel the rush of wingsuit flying? Rush allows you to dive right into the action with over a hundred different mountain pathways. All of this may be done with friends or online players in groups of up to four, competing in simple A to B races, Time Attack, and Score Challenge modes.

Various weather and time of day provide beautiful landscapes to surround yourself with, and if you want to appreciate them outside of contests, you may do so in the Freeflight mode, which has no aims or limits. But be sure you sit in a comfortable chair first, especially if you’re terrified of heights!

Editor’s Recommended


best games on oculus 2

While Onward on PC is a strong contender for greatest online shooter, it confronts difficult competition. But, on Quest, the wire-free gameplay truly shines, allowing for new techniques such as effortlessly going prone. Certainly, the game has sacrificed graphically in order to fit onto the headset, but you won’t notice while you’re aiming down your sights and scanning for targets.

Onward focuses on realism, making it one of the best games quest 2 has that might be difficult to grasp but is extremely satisfying to master.

This list of the best Meta Quest 2 games will be updated frequently, so check it out every week to see what’s new and trending.

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