September 22, 2023
PS 5 games

So you always know what to play next, we’ve gathered a handy performing list of upcoming PS 5 games 2023 which you can also buy from Amazon.

It’s clear that PlayStation 5 is hoping to replicate the success PlayStation 4 had with the stellar game library, though it will have to overcome some initial bumps in the road.

Everyone agrees that 2022 was an excellent year for gaming, with significant titles like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West arriving on the PlayStation 5. But don’t worry: 2023 appears to be just as promising! Here are the best new upcoming PlayStation 5 games that you should not miss.

List of Upcoming PS 5 Games 2023

These are the upcoming games on PS 5 for 2023, to find more click here.


Upcoming PS 5 Games 2023
  • EA SPORTS FIFA 23 brings even more of the action and realism of football to the pitch in The World’s Game
  • HyperMotion2 Technology creates more true football animation than ever before in every match
  • Play the biggest tournaments in football with both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup
  • Build your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team with FUT Moments and a revamped Chemistry system
  • Experience The World’s Game with over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums, and over 30 leagues

God of War Ragnarök

Upcoming PS 5 Games 2023
  • Feel your journey through the Norse realms, made possible by immersive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality.
  • Take advantage of multidirectional 3D Audio; hear enemies approaching from any direction.
  • Bask in the beautiful worlds you travel through, brought to life by precise art direction and arresting attention to detail.
  • Switch between full 4K resolution at a targeted 30 frames per second, or dynamic resolution upscaled to 4K at a targeted 60fps.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Upcoming PS 5 Games
  • You can customize the look of your Super Hero team and extend your adventure with the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Legendary Edition
  • It also includes the Marvel’s Midnight Suns base game, the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass, and 23 premium skins!
  • Fight and Think Like A Super Hero in this classic Marvels upcoming PS 5 game

The Callisto Protocol

Upcoming PS 5 Games
  • Horror Engineering – The Callisto Protocol is a next generation take on survival horror from the mind of Glen Schofield
  • Uncover the Secrets of the united Jupiter Company – Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2320
  • Players will be forced to get up close and personal with their grotesque opponents, hacking off limbs, blasting off legs, and getting creative with whatever is at their disposal to survive
  • Experience the Isolation of Jupiter’s Dead Moon – One of the most hostile, isolated environments in the universe
  • Players must not only contend with the horrors of Black Iron Prison, but also the centuries-old secrets that plague Jupiter’s long-dead moon
  • This game is by far one of the best upcoming PS 5 games 2023 horror genre.

The Last of Us Part I

PS 5 Games
  • Enhanced visuals: Completely rebuilt from the ground up using Naughty Dog’s latest PS 5 engine technology to improve every visual detail, The Last of Us experience has been faithfully enhanced with more realistic lighting and atmosphere, more intricate environments and creative reimagining’s of familiar spaces.
  • Fast loading: Initial loading times are near instant, and seamless after the first instance thanks to the PS 5 console’s SSD – so you can pick up where you left off in the story and load specific encounters and chapters more quickly.
  • Haptic feedback: DualSense wireless controller haptic feedback support for every weapon elevates combat encounters, and environments are brought to life through DualSense wireless controller haptic sensations of subtle falling rain, the crunch of stepping on snow and more.
  • Adaptive triggers: All The Last of Us iconic weapons, including Joel’s revolver and Ellie’s bow, now deliver dynamic DualSense wireless controller trigger resistance and kickback on firing for deeper combat immersion.
  • 3D Audio: Designed to make use of the PS 5 console’s Tempest 3D Audio Tech, Naughty Dog’s newly upgraded audio engine delivers richer soundscapes, bigger explosive moments and more visceral gameplay through compatible stereo headphones (analogue or USB) or TV speakers.

Editor’s Recommended

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection

PS 5 Games
  • Limited Edition contains a full physical copy of the game, Cloth poster, Multi-layer acrylic diorama, Enamel pin set, Set of 12 translucent character trading cards, Full color 180 page artbook
  • Thirteen classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games by KONAMI in one incredible package; see description below for full list
  • Added Online Play for certain games and Local Couch Play
  • Save Anytime and Rewind as well as Button Mapping
  • Eleven Japanese Regional Versions
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