September 22, 2023
ps 5 games 2023

Hello Friend, hope you find this information helpful. In this post we’ll be sharing with you our insights on the topic “best PS 5 games 2023 you should have” so you never get bored playing this year round.

This list of PS 5 games comprises of every game genre released in 2023 on the PS 5 platform including adventure, horror, action PS 5 games and more.

The Best PS 5 Games 2023

These are the games that made it to the list of best PS 5 games for 2023, to find more click here.

Street Fighter 6

Best PS 5 Games 2023

The popular fighting game series returns with new features and a fresh take on old characters and ranks as #1 in our list of best PS 5 games 2023.

Street Fighter 6 adds two new modes to the regular combat mode: World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is a single-player story mode that has a 3D world to explore, whilst Battle Hub is an online lobby where players may meet other players.

Fights are also improved thanks to a new Street Fighter 6 feature called Drive. This charging bar allows characters to conduct fatal attacks but afterward stuns them. A strong instrument with the potential for backfire in the wrong hands.

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Hogwarts Legacy

Best PS 5 Games 2023

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG that transforms you into an aspiring wizard. The game is set during the late 1800s, and you play as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even though this is a whole new novel unrelated to Harry Potter and You-Know-Who, it retains the classic locales and sensations of the Wizarding World. You may pick your house, perform spells, make potions, travel on a broom, and explore the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Best PS 5 Games 2023

In 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man was a game changer for superhero gaming. The action-adventure title, developed by Insomniac Games, featured smooth fighting similar to the Batman Arkham series, as well as entertaining web-slinging. Given its popularity, it’s hardly surprising that Sony chose to debut their next-generation console with a sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

This time, instead of Peter Parker, players take control of Miles Morales. While the essential gameplay remains the same, the sequel adds elegance, new skills, and motion sensors via the DualSense controller. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a shorter journey that can be finished in 8 to 10 hours, but that doesn’t reduce the quality of the experience. Anyone who enjoyed swinging about New York City in 2018 would most certainly appreciate it.

Final Fantasy XVI

PS 5 Games 2023

Final Fantasy XV took us on a road journey four years ago, and the popular JRPG series is back in 2023 with a fresh new game. Final Fantasy XVI is darker than its previous, packed with monsters and bad humans out to disrupt the peace of Valisthea’s fantasy realm.

Nations on the edge of war, powerful summons like Ifrit and Titan, various monsters to slaughter, some magic, and of course a charismatic hero eager to save the world are all present.

Editor’s Recommended

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

PS 5 Games 2023

Sackboy: A Big Adventure was lost in the splash of 2020. The game was released the same week as the PS 5 and Xbox Series X, thus it had to compete for attention. Sackboy’s brand was simply too little to compete with brands such as Spider-Man and Assassin’s Creed. It even had to compete with Astro’s Playroom, a similar style of platformer that was available for free to PS 5 users straight away. However, as time passes, it becomes evident that Sackboy: A Big Adventure is already the console’s most unjustly neglected game.

The LittleBigPlanet offshoot is a classic 3D platformer in the manner of Super Mario 3D World. At this point, players run, jump, collect power-ups, and do everything else you’d expect from the genre. Sackboy is a charming and creative journey that is just entertaining. If it had been launched at a different time of year, its Nintendo-like fine tuning would have drawn attention. Now that the PS 5 has passed its first honeymoon phase, it’s a good time to revisit it and see what it has to offer.

Dead Island 2: HELL-A

PS 5 Games 2023

Yes, it is correct! Dead Island has come back to life! The game was announced again at Gamescom, and it will be released this year. That means we don’t have to wait too long before you can play it! Dead Island 2 in this list of best PS 5 games 2023 is clearly the best horror game.

The gameplay itself was not featured in the comeback trailer. However, there were a lot of zombies revealed, as well as the game’s new environment with a more refreshing protagonist. Given how violent the prior game was, you can probably expect a lot of violence and a lot of weapons to employ to attempt to force the zombies to go.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

PS 5 Games

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you’ll take on the role of Basim 20 years before the events of Valhalla, this time in an ancient version of Baghdad. However, the phrase “return to the beginning” will refer to the gameplay. It will focus on the series’ initial three building components. The assassinations, the stealth, and the parkouring across the city. Baghdad will be large enough to have a lot of fun in, so check it out when it arrives.

Elden Ring

PS 5 Games

Elden Ring overperformed by building on its predecessors and offering a fantastic adventure filled with mystery and fear. That is one of the game’s strongest points. Making it be among the best PS 5 games 2023 has to offer. It pushes you to explore the environment by scattering goods and awe-inspiring boss battles while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

This isn’t just Dark Souls in a sandbox. Every detail of this game feels expertly designed, and there are lots of mysteries to discover. Of course, the game’s exploration is appealing, but so is its fighting, which seems like a significant improvement over previous Souls games.

It’s not perfect, but developer FromSoftware understands what it’s doing when it comes to action RPGs, and we hope the company continues to create open world games like this one. Elden Ring is an incredible jewel that keeps you guessing every time you play.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

PS 5 Games

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, set in the Borderlands universe, leans toward fantasy themes while still retaining shooter gameplay. This game is inspired by the Borderlands series, with a similar leveling system and graphical style, but it puts you in dungeons and sets you against dragons. Wonderlands, like the Borderlands games, is entertaining, with well-written characters played by well-known performers like Andy Samberg, Will Arnett, and Wanda Sykes.

Of course, Wonderlands is still a first-person shooter, so expect to gather a variety of bizarre guns and other weapons, including melee weapons (for the first time in the series). This is a game we would recommend if you want a less intensive experience, especially if you plan on playing with others.


PS 5 Games 2023

What if you were teleported to a strange, fantastical planet one day while going about your business? That is what occurred to Frey Holland, the character of Forspoken.

This New Yorker is teleported to Athia, a lovely fantasy land teeming with frightening creatures. Frey can rely on her newly discovered magical powers to help her make her way home without becoming food for these beasts. To become more strong, she will have to resist many adversaries, craft new equipment, and improve her skill points. In the list of best PS 5 games 2023, this tops in fantasy tales.

GhostWire: Tokyo

best PS 5 Games 2023

Ghostwire Tokyo, a game by Tango Gameworks, the company behind The Evil Within series, is unlike anything the firm has done before. Ghostwire Tokyo contains scary themes, although it is more of an action-adventure game than a horror game. You play as a character who can use magic to combat ghosts in an open-world Tokyo – thus the name. It’s sort of like a first-person shooter, only you use spells to defeat your enemies. It also has mild RPG aspects, as well as a rich skill tree that rewards your efforts. Ghostwire Tokyo is a highly styled underappreciated PS 5 gem.

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