September 22, 2023
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What are the Best Live Streaming Apps for Android & iOS?

You are looking for the best live streaming service apps for your android or iOS mobile phone probably because you have an event you want to share with someone as it’s happening or maybe you have a social media account and you’re trying to connect live with your fans.

This article covers the best mobile applications you can use to live broadcast on many popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, twitch etc. using either your android phone or iOS phones (iPhone, iPad).

Going live on social media is one of the most easiest ways of getting engage with your audience and doing so with the right apps make it even more fun.

What Apps Can You Live Stream On?

There are so many Apps promising smooth and free live streaming services but most of them are not true, so below we give you our top 5 best Apps for live streaming on your Android or iPhone.

17LIVE – Live streaming

Best Live Streaming Apps for Android & iOS

17live streaming is a live streaming platform that features the most exciting live streamers from around the globe.

You can not only live broadcast but also chat with your fans and get gifts from fans who love your streaming and also in app badges.

17live also host weekly to monthly contest between streamers with the highest amount of gifts and winners go home big. It is absolutely free well unless you want to be a VIP then you can pay about $9.49 per month.

Poppo Live

What Apps Can You Live Stream On

Poppo Live is somewhat similar to 17live in the sense that they also host competitions for streamers and give them huge rewards for live streaming but the identifiable difference is that 17live App has more fan base than Poppo Live. Sounds like an opportunity huh?

Turnip – Talk, chat and stream

live stream

Turnip is a pretty big live streaming app although its new to the streaming platform, but what it can do is very impressive.

It at this time has a total of 10M downloads, 51K reviews and 4.0 star ratings.

You can multi-broadcast on different platforms all at once and guess what! its completely free, no watermarks, no in app subscriptions and I really hope they keep it that way.

Streamlabs: Live Streaming

stream apps

Streamlabs is another popular App offering a unique live broadcasting service just like Turnip.

It currently has 10M downloads, 104K reviews and a 3.9 star rating on Google Play Store.

But honestly, I don’t like Streamlabs that much yet because it’s not that easy for me to setup. But you can try it out and have your own experience.

Streamlabs also have the multi-broadcast option which is not free, its available not just for android and iOS but also PCs.

NEXPLAY – Mobile Live Streaming

live streaming

Nexplay is the most professional live streaming App I’ve ever come across with the most active admins and developers ready to solve issues and improve the App to your test.

It has over 1M+ downloads so far and it comes with tons of features such as the multi-streaming service, streamers competitions and Premium pass badges.

These are so far the top live streaming Apps that I can recommend at anytime. You should try them out. Need more list of Best Live Broadcasting Apps? Look down here…

List of Best Live Streaming Apps For Mobile Phones – Android & iOS

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