September 22, 2023
free VR games 2023
we have bundle up these free VR games for you, to fit your demand.

If you’re just trying out VR games and don’t want to spend to know what it feels like or you don’t have much cash on you, we have bundled up these free VR games for you, to fit your demand.

The virtual reality world is really amazing and something everyone should try out no matter the circumstances. There are special VR headsets made for most games based on resolution, wired or wireless connection and more.

If you are in need of a new VR headset, you can check out our list of the best VR headsets to buy and best VR games to play at anytime and anywhere.

Free VR Games You Should Try Out

We are about to show the the list of best free VR games to play. So buckle up and lets begin:

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World of Guns: VR

World of Guns: VR

World of Guns: VR allows you to explore the inner workings of different types of guns, from the largest gears to the smallest screws. This is pretty an ideal game if you are a police officer or you’re planning to rob a bank 😅. Either way, stay safe out there.



SafeZoneVR is a next-generation interactive survival psychological horror game. You will explore the map in an attempt to escape a destroyed SafeZone. Hide, gather, survive, and escape to the underground from a collapsed SafeZone; you could just find a friend along the way.

Editor’s Recommended

Rec Room

Free VR Games To Play

The Rec Room is the best free VR game on the list as its the perfect area for friends to develop and play games together. Chat, hang around, explore millions of player-created rooms, or create something new and beautiful to share with everyone.

Colosseum VR

Free VR Games To Play

Come see the Roman Colosseum! This guided tour will take you through its rise and fall, bring you face to face with gladiators, and give you a new perspective on the glory of Roman architecture. Welcome!

Shoot! VR

Free VR Games To Play

Shoot! VR is a virtual reality first-person shooter simulation game. The game recreates the environment of an indoor shooting range. The game contains several modes and a variety of weapons to choose from.

Szybowcowa ’87

Free VR Games To Play

Step back in time to the 1980s and inside an apartment in a modernistic building in Wrocaw that housed Fighting Solidarity’s secret printing business. Discover the Institute of National Remembrance’s genuine digitalized collections in VR.

The Slothgate Experiment

Free VR Games To Play

The Creature Zone Makes An Unexpected Return… The Slothgate Experiment is a physics-heavy virtual reality game set in Los Angeles, California, where Oliver Franklin has just moved into an apartment. Two weeks after starting work in a warehouse, he is kidnapped and hauled to Slothgate.

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Joy Flight

Free VR Games To Play

Joy Flight is an open world arcade VR flight game in which players explore, unlock runways with risky landings, and accomplish quests over a vast chain of islands! It’s completely free to play.

Fallen Stars

Free VR Games To Play

Fallen Stars is the storyline of Thomas Jackson, an astronaut who travels to the I.C.E.S 1 space station to accomplish various tasks alongside his crewmates. They collaborated on various tasks on the space station. Unexpected things happen to them on their voyage back to Earth.


Free VR Games To Play

Levels is a Virtual Reality First Person Shooter aim training experience that allows you to improve your score with each replay. There are four stages, each with a different kind of target. The faster you finish the level, the more points you earn.

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