September 22, 2023
best language learning apps
Wanna go travel the world but need to learn French? Study abroad but need to learn Spanish? or Maybe get a better job and need to learn English? This post is for you.

Are you looking for apps better than Duolingo or just better language learning apps with features like more languages, better interface and less glitching? In this post we’ll be referring you to 5 Duolingo alternative apps for a better language learning experience.

Duolingo – meaning multiple languages was referred to as “far and away the best language learning app” by WallStreet Journals having over 30 languages to teach its users for free. Languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian and of course English with so many more. It also comes with Audio notes which users can use to practice listening and speaking with an interface to track your records and goals.

But since its recent update a lot of its users are complaining about how difficult it has become to focus on the language learning aspect of the app. So lets dive down into the alternative apps better than Duolingo for free language learning.

Duolingo Alternative Apps for Learning Languages Free

Wanna go travel the world but need to learn French? Study abroad but need to learn Spanish? or Maybe get a better job and need to learn English? This post is for you.

In this list below we’ll be introducing you to the best apps for language learning you can use as an alternative to Duolingo. The first in the list is;


Duolingo Alternative Apps

HelloTalk makes it as number one in our list of best apps for free language learning as its super packed with a lot of features. If you’re looking for apps better than Duolingo, then this is the one.

HelloTalk offers lessons and courses in over 50 languages which is the biggest so far. In the app you also get to chat with the experts in your selected language for live corrections and edits.

With the find language partners feature, you can chose buddies who you would like to learn the same language with but mind you, it’s for learning purpose only not for dating.

HelloTalk have a very large language learning community and a very good rating. On Google Play store it’s rated 4.9 and on Apple store it’s rated 5.0.

Editor’s Recommended


Duolingo Alternative Apps

Falou was giving the badge of “Apps we love” by Apple store in 2022 and also it ranked number #1 Education app for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

It is a fast and free language learning app covering over 17 languages like French, Spanish and the likes. It also helps you better your English language speaking with practical lessons that improves your pronunciation.

Falou will help you learn faster by creating real life based conversations, customized review lessons, memorization flashcards with spaced repetition system and some extra vocabulary booster lessons.

Falou is available on Google Play store where it has a rating of 4.7 and on Apple store with a rating of 5.0.


best apps for free language learning

LingoDeer is another language learning app that’s free, it teaches users languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean and more from courses created by teachers and carries along some fun activities.

It also comes with audio teachings like Duolingo and goal tracking interface but the exciting part is where you get to have a texting conversation with the language you just learnt.

LingoDeer is available on the Google Play store and Apple store were it has a rating of 4.6 and 5.0 respectively which tells that it’s really a great app.


best apps for free language learning

Busuu is a Chegg service that helps you boost your communication confidence with a combined expertly designed lessons with feedback and tips from their global community of native language speakers.

It covers over 14 languages like English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and the best part is you learn these languages with real people who are experts in the native language.

As of this time Busuu has a rating of 4.6 on both Google Play store and Apple play store.

Rosetta Stone

Apps for Learning Languages Free

Rosetta Stone is a language learning app with a wide variety of games and challenges, it has an excellent friendly user interface and clear instructions and was awarded best mobile app in 2019.

It covers over 24 languages like Arabic, Chinese, Dutch and so on with native experts in these languages.

Rosetta Stone focuses on proven immersion method where you are immersed in situations that you could experience in your day to day life, be it at home, at work or when traveling.

It at the time of writing this have a rating of 4.4 on Google store and 4.0 on Apple store.

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