March 31, 2023
amazon PS 5 games

amazon PS 5 games 2023

Since the PS 5 is still relatively new, there aren’t many PS5-exclusive games available but Amazon has got some pretty amazing PS 5 games, so today we’re showing you our top 5 2023 PS5 games on Amazon which you could use to get out of boredom in a snap.

These amazon PS5 games are very entertaining and most of them could take days to master. If you’re ready for the challenge, then lets begin.

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Top Amazon PS5 Games 2023

Life is Strange: True Colors

2023 PS5 Games on Amazon To Kill The Boredom

Life is Strange: True Colors is a narrative adventure Amazon PS5 game starring Alex Chen, a young lady with a remarkable supernatural gift that allows her to experience the intense emotions of others. While Alex’s ability will bring her enormous joy, it will also put her into the path of violent Anger, world-altering Sadness, and uncontrollable Fear.

Alex will encounter moments of calm transcendence while probing Haven Springs’ mysteries and disclosing its secrets, but she will also be lured into moments of unexpected, bloody violence with lasting effects. Strong language, drug references, certain provocative themes, and the usage of alcohol are also included in this PS 5 game.

Editor’s Recommended

Atomic Heart

PS5 Games on Amazon

Welcome to a utopian world of wonders and perfection, where people coexist peacefully with their devoted robots.

That was how it used to be. With the newest robot-control system about to be released in just a few days, only a catastrophic accident or a worldwide conspiracy could derail it…

The inevitable advancement of technology, along with secret research, has resulted in mutant beings, frightening machines, and superpowered robots that are now rebelling against their creators. Only you can stop them and uncover the truth behind the idealized world.

In Atomic Heart, you have to fight for your life in explosive and violent engagements, using the fighting powers granted by your experimental power glove, your armory of blades, and cutting-edge weapons. Adapt your combat technique to each adversary. To conquer problems and fight for good, combine your talents and resources, utilize the environment, and upgrade your equipment.


PS5 Games on Amazon

Forespoken tells the tale of Frey Holland who is mysteriously teleported from New York City and finds herself stuck in the gorgeous region of Athia. Frey finds the capacity to cast strong spells and utilize magic to travel Athia’s enormous landscapes when a magical, sentient bracelet is unexpectedly wrapped around her arm. Frey gives her new golden friend the name “Cuff” and sets off to find a way home.

Frey quickly discovers that this lovely region formerly prospered under the rule of compassionate matriarchs known as Tantas, until a deadly scourge destroyed all it touched. The Break turned animals into monsters, human into beasts, and beautiful landscapes into four deadly realms. The Tantas now rule as maddened and wicked sorceresses at the heart of their broken lands.

Frey, unaffected by the Break and anxious for answers, unwillingly decides to assist Athia’s last remaining residents, who consider her as their only hope. Frey’s trip through this weird and deadly realm will lead her deep into the heart of evil, where she will have to face horrible monsters, confront the mighty Tantas, and uncover truths that will ignite something much deeper inside her.

One Piece Odyssey

amazon PS 5 games 2023

The Straw Hat Pirates’ ship was swallowed by a massive storm while on their most recent ocean journey.
Shipwrecked, the crew members wash ashore on the mystical island of Waford, which is endowed with natural resources and surrounded by a ring of storms.

There, they meet Lim, a girl with a strong dislike for pirates and the unique ability to take talents from others just by touching them. The crew’s stolen powers were then housed in magical cubes and dispersed around the galaxy.

Their meeting with this peculiar girl puts in motion a sequence of circumstances that leads to the Straw Hat Pirates embarking on a magnificent adventure in a succession of sites near and dear to their hearts in One Piece Odyssey, the best rpg of 2023 PS5 games.

Dead Space

amazon PS5 games 2023

Dead Space, the sci-fi survival-horror PS 5 game classic, returns, totally rebuilt from the ground up to provide a deeper, more immersive experience. This remake adds jaw-dropping graphic fidelity, tense ambient soundtrack, and gameplay enhancements while remaining true to the original game’s compelling concept.

Isaac Clarke is an ordinary engineer sent to fix the USG Ishimura, a massive mining ship, only to discover that something has gone dreadfully wrong. The crew of the ship has been killed, and Isaac’s loving companion, Nicole, has gone missing somewhere on board.

Isaac is now alone and equipped with just his technical equipment and talents as the terrifying mystery of what happened onboard the Ishimura unravels around him. Trapped with hostile monsters known as Necromorphs, Isaac must fight for survival not just against the ship’s mounting terrors but also against his own deteriorating sanity.

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