September 22, 2023
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Virtual Reality (VR) has come a long way since its early days, with more and more free VR games being developed to maximize your gaming experience. Whether you are looking for an immersive adventure or a pulse-pounding action-adventure, there is something out there for everyone.

In this post, we will be taking a look at the best free VR games available out there. From immersive story-driven experiences to intense competitive VR multiplayer games, these are the best titles to try out if you’re looking for some quality entertainment without spending any money. We’ll also be exploring the different use cases of VR gaming so that you can maximize your experience and get the most out of your device.

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The Best Free Games for VR

Are you looking for the best free VR games to maximize your gaming experience? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Virtual Reality (VR) games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers and they offer an immersive gaming experience like no other. With that said, we have looked through all the available options and compiled a list of the best free VR games that will let you enjoy a unique virtual world without having to spend any money. From action-packed shooters to adventure titles, our list has something for everyone. So dive in and start exploring this new dimension of gaming!

Archangel™: Hellfire

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Archangel Hellfire is one of those VR games that blends god-like mech weapons with hellish team deathmatch gameplay. In this free-roaming shooter, pilot huge weapons of destruction armed to the teeth and wage war on post-apocalyptic territories. Do you have what it takes to combat mech-to-mech and bring your faction to world dominance in The Great Mech Wars? Enlist now and climb into a mech!

Editor’s Recommended

Epic Roller Coasters

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Epic Roller Coasters is home to the world’s most unusual roller coasters. Experience the rush of rapid speeds, loops, and heights in areas you never thought you’d ride a roller coaster in, such as dinosaur era, medieval age, sci-fi metropolis, and many more. It come in three different modes; Classic mode, Shooter mode and Racing mode. Which one will you be trying out first?!

Striker of Sky

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Striker of Sky is a drone sports game that uses a VR and multiplayer technology to create the actual drone football game system. It allows you to decorate your own character and drone, you also can play in stadiums decorated with city concepts of Seoul, Daejeon, and Jeonju city.

Digital Pierrot Museum

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The Digital Pierrot Museum is a free virtual museum that provides the experience of wandering through a museum of digital and multimedia art. This project is intended to provide the audience with a live narrative of the entire museum experience. This museum will focus on digital art, contemporary art, and virtual reality.

The museum’s floor plan and architecture are designed so that visitors may fully immerse themselves in the experience, become lost, and participate. It’s an open virtual place where multimedia artists may contribute to our mission of making appropriate designs for everybody. The purpose is to encourage art, technology, and multimedia while also providing an open area to blend and merge these elements into the museum’s virtual experience.

Attack on King: Reloaded

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As king, you must battle with all your might for your kingdom. Go slowly, load your weapon, aim at the opposing king, and shoot without failure. With your clever plans, you will battle your route through all stages, triumphantly reclaiming what is properly yours in great glory.

Always keep in mind that your honorable objective is to shoot down the opponent king, who is well-protected by his pawns. Take up your chaingun, break through the brambles and thorns, and take advantage of any opportunity to shoot at your target!


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Punch Fit is the solution to your exercise challenges and one of the best VR games for exercising. So if you’re up for a virtual reality exercise, follow examples in the game to punch and dodge for a simple and enjoyable exercise. Discover different punches, dodges, and rushes to make your game more exciting and enjoyable. This ideal for those who love workouts and boxing. Enjoy a workout that meets your time and difficulty requirements. In the future, there are plans to add more and more new workouts to the game.

Party Pie: Free Pie

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Party Pie is a VR party game in which you may design and share your own avatars and challenge them to a big number of unique levels. In the future, there will also be introduction of a map editor so that you may design your own levels!

Hover The Edge

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Hover The Edge’s gameplay is daunting, exciting, and overwhelming. In the game, you’ll be hovering through Kamilu Island, which is made up of several changing environments that are generated at random, using your physical movements to steer and your controllers to boost, break, and jump to avert deadly hurdles and obtain pickup objects.

As an Extractor in Hover The Edge, you’ll be sent to an exotic island to retrieve the Sword of Souls, a weapon crafted in another dimension to protect the human world from unearthly threats. You’ll be equipped with a futuristic hoverboard and a combat suit, allowing you to retrieve the artifact and return to the base before the apocalyptic war. If you’re looking for free adventure games for VR, then this a pick for you.

Vertical Shift

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Vertical Shift has four multiplayer gaming modes. Each mode supports up to 10 players through crossplay. Vertical Shift is a unique VR E-Sport and one of the best free games for VR. Fly across the city and arenas while wearing your Zenith Suit, a sophisticated mobility system. Grapple Hooks, Jet Packs, and Gliders are built into your Zenith Suit, allowing you complete control over your flight.


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Breathless is not a game, but rather a brief VR music video experience. Viewers may watch 360-degree viewpoints while listening to the original music on a simulated train trip. Just the exit, pause, and start operations are controlled by the Oculus 2.

This VR game requires the use of an Oculus 2 headset, Windows 10, and an active Oculus Link connection for the best experience.

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